Sunday, April 19, 2009

Emotional roller coaster...

With the last week approaching (exam week), and the departure of all my new friends, leaving my new home, and my boyfriend looming in the air, I can't help sporadically go from laughing to crying... and I can't figure out why! Here are my thoughts to as why:

1. Everything I have come to know and be comfortable with is about to change... once again.

2. I am going to have to say good bye to people I have met and grown to love, not knowing when I will see them again.

3. I need to decide if I want to stay on my own for 2 months or if I want to go home (its always on my mind and causing me a lot of stress... one the one hand, I know I will never have this opportunity to travel with Jason ever again, but on the other hand I really feel like I need to go home, I need familiarity, and a stable life for a while...)

4. I think I've finally let myself realize that I am in fact in love with my boyfriend... just in time to leave him.

5. I miss me family even more that I have seen my mom and sister and realize that I'm missing out on being a part of their lives (going to miss Jenna's first prom, Jason's last band concert etc)

6. Exams start in two days and I haven't started studying

7. I am just an emotional person