Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Working for [the man]

That's right. It's official. I am officially official at Polaris! [and I'm loving it!]. Despite my horrible nerves for my first day, my first few days have reassured me that I made the right choice, the best choice, and that I found a home. I am going to keep this short [because MN decided to be 100+ degrees today and even typing is exhausting] but let me tell you, it has been a long time since I have been this happy, this busy, this productive, this happy.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer [Loving], Had me a Blast!

Summer is finally here, and to stay [I think]! So with my last week of summer vacation coming to an end, let me update you quick on all of my recent shenanigans:

Friday : Drive to St. Cloud with Eric for the Sartell Apple Duathlon [Run, Bike, Run]. We [Eric, Karl and I] spent the night checking in, driving the course and getting everything set for the race in the morning. Eric's dad out-did himself [again!] with another amazing meal! And off to bed early for a 6am wake-up

Saturday : Duathlon! The guys took of at 8:36 sharp, as Dayna and I ran around cheering and taking action-pictures. Both of them finished strong and within 20-ish seconds of each other. It was a perfect day for a race 70and sunny with little wind. Eric got 3rd in is age group and Karl took 1st in his age group! Woot woot! We spent the rest of the day playing with Kelly [their Husky] and just enjoying the outdoors.

Monday : Eric and I tried to go to a Memorial Service but failed due to the weather. But the whole day wasn't a total loss; at about 4pm the clouds cleared and the sun came out! I immediately decided a new adventure, a trip to Minnehaha falls was in order!

Tuesday : Lake Calhoun! Liz and I decided that such a nice day could not be wasted, and a little bit of vitamin D was needed. Two hours of sunbathing later, we headed to Jamba-Juice and Target. Did I mention we made cookies?
Wednesday : Sculpture Garden adventures! I've been curious for 4 years, where is this fabled cherry and spoon that everyone has pictures with?? Well I finally made it there! We packed a blanket and snacks and made an afternoon out of it.

 Thursday : Lakeville. I spent the morning/ afternoon in Lakeville visiting my grandma! We had a delicious lunch and tested out her new Ford Focus. It has all the bells and whistles, so I think all of the technology may have been a little intimidating for her. We walked to the post office and had a great time catching up :) I love family! After that, I came home and met up with an old camp friend for happy hour. Emma was the counselor I ran a tent with with I was in the SDP program. It was so nice to catch up with her after 4 years [and she hasn't changed]. I love camp people!

 Anyway, that's been the end of my summer vacation. Not bad for cramming it all in to 1 week, eh?

What are your plans for summer?