Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Insights Discovery Profile...

So this week, at our Delta Sigma Pi meeting, we had a professional speaker come talk to us about our personal styles, how we interact with each other, what kind of energy we give off when working in groups. All of the results were based on a personal inventory survey that we took in June. If you want to know/ understand me... here it is in a nut-shell.

Check this out... It's freakishly accurate:

"Shannon is independent and creative, owning strong internal feelings, high principles and deep personal integrity. Low key acknowledgment for her contribution is likely to be appreciated by her. When she gives help to others, she expects to get it reciprocated, particularly as recognition for this help. She will be hurt if people ignore her and likes to be remembered and appreciated for the services she continually seeks to offer to others. She can be a rather gentle, compassionate person but may be prone to stubbornness at times." <-- as if this wasn't eerie enough, wait for what it says next "She tends to be disinterested in subjects for which she sees no practical application. Her work has to contribute to things that matter to her and she tends toward perfectionism only when she cares deeply enough. Because she tends to live for the present moment, she does not sense the need to prepare or plan more than is necessary. She tends to be there when she is needed, offering low-key stability and strength to people and situations in need. Although objective, she may be more interested in finding creative solutions to problems than in seeing those solutions become reality."

"Because she lives by principles and rules, Shannon is very consistent and dependable. Her modest manner can restrain her from pushing herself forward and this occasionally results in her being under-valued."

"Shannon avoids conflict like the plague, is a calming presence in conflict resolution and is keenly aware of group dynamics and involvement."

So what? I now know that my Dad leads with a red energy: this means he is VERY competitive, demanding, determined, focused on results, strong-willed, and purposeful. We are opposites (imagine that) so in order for us to get along, I need to let him direct and decide, focus on results. However, when interacting with me he should speak in a relaxed tone, use logical explanations, take time to ask questions about me etc. This can help so many people learn to appreciate others and the unique energy they can bring to a group!

So overall I lead with a green energy... what do you guys think? Feel free to comment (doesn't matter if you agree or disagree), I would like to hear both sides!

Also, if you're curious about this you can check it out at or just google: "Discovery Insights."

Friday, September 24, 2010

Updated design/ layout

Hi Everyone!! (for anyone that still reads this)

I have updated the look of my blog to reflect the new things that are happening in my life. Right now my life is almost entirely consumed by school, Delta Sigma Pi, and job searching! So my life is all about finding balance and figuring out what I WANT from life! Due to my new single status I have realized that it's time to stop basing my decisions on what other people want and what other people want for me... what Society expects of me.

So get excited about the posts to come... they should be very introspective and revealing of my new journey to discover what my dreams are.

Dream big everyone!

"You got a dream... You gotta protect it. People can't do somethin' themselves, they wanna tell you you can't do it. If you want somethin', go get it. Period."