Monday, February 1, 2010

The Daily

So this is dedicated to describing what made me happy today, where I found excitement and saw light for the future! I figure the more I talk about all of the good things, the more they will become the focal part of my day, and the more content I will be with my life!

So today I found happiness in:

-Making a new friend. This semester is so much more challenging but also so much more fun! I have different people in every class and in different rooms so I get the chance to meet and get to know more people!

-Finding a quiet, secret place to study, in the business school! I get distracted, when people around me are giggling when i am trying to get stuff done and studying at my house is nearly impossible unless I lock myself up-stairs. So today I found a quiet place to study and work in the Marketing-office hallway. It is on the 3rd floor and has huge windows that look over the entire West Bank of campus so I don't get as moody when I don't get to go outside. Today I got to watch powdery snow silently cover campus... a fresh start.

-Finding someone who is as dedicated to working out as I am. Christie and I both bought fit-passes for the semester. It was $55 and lets us go to any group class every day of the week for the entire semester! Today was spin (our favorite) but we are definitely look forward to "Butts and Guts" on Sunday!

-Relaxing and watching the Bachelor. I know it's a cheesy reality TV show and stuff like that doesn't really happen, but I like knowing and hearing that other people have similar doubts, hope and needs when it comes to relationships. It reassures me that what I want isn't completely out of the question, and that I deserve to have it.

The only thing that can make my day complete is talking to the one and only guy that I want to hear before I fall asleep every night. He knows exactly how to calm me down, and exactly how to make me stop worrying about the little things. I love him. <3 :)