Friday, May 29, 2009

On the road again...

Hey everyone! Its me again, and from the road this time! I hit up Barcelona Tuesday through Friday (staying with a friend who studied in Toledo with me, and is now doing research in Barca), and I am currently in my hostel in Munich waiting for Jason and Lynn to arrive! These last couple weeks I have learned a lot about myself and I wouldnt exchange the experience for anything in the world (even though it had its great times and its tough times)

The last few weeks I have learned that:
-I am, in no way, to the stage in my life yet where I am ready to surrender myself 100% for love or to a relationship
-I need do be doing something to be happy
-I need to be outside everyday, at least a little, to be happy.
-I don't like being alone
-Often times I am too serious
-Traveling isn't fun unless you have someone to share it with
-Your heart and your head dont always agree
-Find something that makes your truely happy, because money is soon spent and gone. Money won't keep you happy forever.
-I miss the Butchers and my heart yearns to see them.
-I am fat, and I don't like it.
-I miss having a structured life.
-I want a dog.
-I need quality "re-finding shannon time" surrounded by people I love and ppl that have the same values.
-Ready for a quality Milwaukee summer.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

With all this free time...

Well, wouldn´t you know it, with all this free time I have, I have been doing a lot of people watching. After careful analysis of the past few weeks, I have come to the conclusion that "Aladin Pants" as I like to call them, have hit the Spanish Fashion market, and hit it hard. I have seen everyone from ladies in their 50s to girls in their teen years wearing them... and I can´t figure out why?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Enough of wishy-washy Shannon

I am sick of this new indecisive person I have become! Where did confident, decisive, dont look back Shannon go??

Well decisions have been made and I am sticking to them. I am staying until June and here is what I plan to do:

Moving in with my boyfriend and his Uncle for 2 weeks to avoid the horrible costs of hostels (saving some money for the time I will be with Jason)

Meeting Jason and Lynn after the hit up France and Italy so we can do Prague and Germany together.

I will see you all after I get back to the states on June 13th! Love you, and thanks for all the support!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Spanish living... on my own.

Well, I´m back in Madrid! And I must say, I am loving it! I have seen different parts of the city every day, and have had a lot of "me time." However, I´m not going to lie, having my boyfriend this close and seeing him everyday is probably affecting my perspective a little bit :)

So here I am again, pondering on whether or not to stay... at this point I feel that I am just wasting money. I have no urge to travel and "see more"... I kinda want a stable life for a while.

However, everyone keeps telling me I will regret it if I come home, so here I am, still on the fence.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tour de France... Tom Morrison Style

Well where should I begin?? Lets see... classes in Spain ended, we had a closing ceremony, I went out to the irish pub we frequented in Toledo one last time with my friends and went home to pack. Finding myself exhuasted I went to bed planning to wake up at 7 and do it in the morning before leaving for Madrid (and eventually France). All went as planned, I left a bag in Toledo with my host family and off I went. And who did I meet at the train station? A Notre Dame girl and her boyfriend heading to Italy for a week. Out planes left at the same time so we rode the bus together, and braved the long metro trip together. FAST FORWARD... Once in France I found my dad and diane with out toooo many problems(thats another story). The following are the day by day events:

-First dinner in Paris with Harsh, Maryse, dad and diane
-Breakfast and lunch and we are off to the first Chateau
-Fountainebleu, Holiday Inn
-Chateau de Blois, Cheverney, Wine Tasting, Cheneceaux (murdered the spelling of that) and Bed and Breakfast (wine, broken english/french and pizza)
-more chateauxs, more wine, next B and B, Villandry, met nicest British man and a dog named Pongo
-Ussè (sleeping beautys castle) Saint Mont Michele, Holiday Inn, best dinner ever
-Normandy Beach, Cemetary, Paris
-Eiffle Tower, Arc de Triumphe, some famous shopping street.
-Dad to airport, Notre Dame (mass and tower tour), lunch, reading by the river, park (where i was stalked by a man and decided it was time to leave), dinner with Harsh and Maryse.

The question still remains: to stay or not to stay, but more importantly... where to stay!!