Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tour de France... Tom Morrison Style

Well where should I begin?? Lets see... classes in Spain ended, we had a closing ceremony, I went out to the irish pub we frequented in Toledo one last time with my friends and went home to pack. Finding myself exhuasted I went to bed planning to wake up at 7 and do it in the morning before leaving for Madrid (and eventually France). All went as planned, I left a bag in Toledo with my host family and off I went. And who did I meet at the train station? A Notre Dame girl and her boyfriend heading to Italy for a week. Out planes left at the same time so we rode the bus together, and braved the long metro trip together. FAST FORWARD... Once in France I found my dad and diane with out toooo many problems(thats another story). The following are the day by day events:

-First dinner in Paris with Harsh, Maryse, dad and diane
-Breakfast and lunch and we are off to the first Chateau
-Fountainebleu, Holiday Inn
-Chateau de Blois, Cheverney, Wine Tasting, Cheneceaux (murdered the spelling of that) and Bed and Breakfast (wine, broken english/french and pizza)
-more chateauxs, more wine, next B and B, Villandry, met nicest British man and a dog named Pongo
-Ussè (sleeping beautys castle) Saint Mont Michele, Holiday Inn, best dinner ever
-Normandy Beach, Cemetary, Paris
-Eiffle Tower, Arc de Triumphe, some famous shopping street.
-Dad to airport, Notre Dame (mass and tower tour), lunch, reading by the river, park (where i was stalked by a man and decided it was time to leave), dinner with Harsh and Maryse.

The question still remains: to stay or not to stay, but more importantly... where to stay!!



  2. thanks for the encouragement... but its just not as fun with out ppl to travel with!

  3. You saw a lot in a short time, Shannon! I'm so glad you got to see and feel France!

  4. Hey Shan, I hope Tour de France "Tom style" was good for you. It was so nice to share the trip with you! You certainly were a nice addition and the real reason I went.

    Love Dad