Wednesday, May 20, 2009

With all this free time...

Well, wouldn´t you know it, with all this free time I have, I have been doing a lot of people watching. After careful analysis of the past few weeks, I have come to the conclusion that "Aladin Pants" as I like to call them, have hit the Spanish Fashion market, and hit it hard. I have seen everyone from ladies in their 50s to girls in their teen years wearing them... and I can´t figure out why?


  1. Hi, I think the pants below in Europe, fun for a day but after that, not. I miss you and think of your saftey often. I know you are fine but looking forward to your return. Make the most of it so you have no regrets. Love Dad

  2. When I brought up the "drop-crotch" pants at OC when I got back, they wouldn't believe that people in Europe/Spain were wearing them! They decided "harem" pants (as THEYtermed them) might be OK, but not the jeans and leather looks.

    You'll be joining up w/Jason soon - see how fast time flies???

    Love you, Mom.

  3. DONT GIVE IN! loveyou!

  4. Those pants are hideous! I'm just sayin'! Love you girl and can't wait to hear of all your European adventures! :)