Sunday, May 10, 2009

Enough of wishy-washy Shannon

I am sick of this new indecisive person I have become! Where did confident, decisive, dont look back Shannon go??

Well decisions have been made and I am sticking to them. I am staying until June and here is what I plan to do:

Moving in with my boyfriend and his Uncle for 2 weeks to avoid the horrible costs of hostels (saving some money for the time I will be with Jason)

Meeting Jason and Lynn after the hit up France and Italy so we can do Prague and Germany together.

I will see you all after I get back to the states on June 13th! Love you, and thanks for all the support!!


  1. Congratulations for staying strong! Love you and see you soon! Mom

  2. I will see you on the 17th (not 13th) so enjoy your time left and don't worry about things like money. Make the most of your time there. Love Dad