Sunday, March 15, 2009

What I do when I´m not in class...

Hey everyone!
Spring has finally arrived here in Spain... or in my mind, SUMMER! It is crazy how warm it got and how quickly the warm weather has arrived! Honestly, by noon its is mid to upper 70´s and I am walking around in shorts and a tank... Meanwhile, the Spaniards are walking around in pants, boots, and jackets!! If I even put pants on I would be ON FIRE!

Well anyways, because it seems that my idea of summer has suddenly arrived I will recap last week's adventures in the sun: Tuesday, hiked up to the highest peak in Toledo and sat there for 4 hours admiring the beauty of Toledo. Wednesday, Hamid came so I took him there and we spent the entire day laying there in the sun in shorts and tanks. Friday: no class, so I spent the day with some friends at the Cali guys' house (they have a terrace) in my swim suite. Saturday: Nicole went back up to the mountains, and laid out in bikinis. Sunday: went to a park to write postcards, and sit in the sun. Needless to say... I'm a little pink. :) But loving it!

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  1. "In the Pink" means you're well and feeling fine!!! Hope that's the case. I know you're not neglecting all your HW w/all the sunshine you've been getting...I want to share the vista from the mountain top w/you. We'll see you in less than a month, Shan. Can't wait! Save some of the sunshine for us!