Friday, October 22, 2010

Attitude is everyting

I finally got to sleep in! But as I was moping around, procrastinating getting ready for work, I read my friend Tony's fb status. It really inspired me, and I hope it inspires you too. Don't be content with the status quo... always strive to make yourself and those around you better. It all starts with your attitude.

Here is the quote. I am thinking about reading it every morning when I get up:

"Everyday think as you wake up, today I am fortunate to have woken up, I am alive, I have a precious human life, I am not going to waste it, I am going to use all my energies to develop myself, to expand my heart out to others, to achieve enlightenment for the benefit of all beings, I am going to have kind thoughts towards others, not be angry or think badly about others, I am going to benefit others as much as I can"

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