Friday, February 11, 2011

Senior Slide

The senior slide. According to urban dictionary, this slang's definition is as follows: "That magical part of your senior year when things get a little easier and nothing you do matters."

Now for me, I never thought I would succumb to this phenomena. Slacking just isn't in my nature; I'm an over-achiever to the core. So why, then, do I find myself struggling to do any of the "required" readings... or waiting until 11pm to start a paper that is due the next day?

Senioritis... and freshman level classes. My classes are all 1000 level (aka Beginner level) liberal ed. requirements. Although I do enjoy the challenge of thinking outside of the "Carlson" formula for success, these classes just simply do not have the rigor of the Carlson classes that have consumed my life for the last 4 semesters.

What do you mean not every week has a 100pt exam, 3 presentations, 300 pages of reading and two 5-page papers due? There is only 50 pages of reading, a quiz worth 5 points and flamenco dancing to practice... Who wouldn't take it easy?

The only problem with this is: I feel guilty! Why am I not insanely busy, barely keeping my head above water? Why am I not trying hard in my classes? Why do I end up watching 3 tv shows every-other night? Answer: Because I can. Is this what college is like for other students not in the business school?

How do I cure this sense of guilt? I put my energies into other things. Recently I have started running again with the goal if participating in some up-coming races and a triathlon. I have also decided to try my hand at rock-climbing and bouldering. Next up: Yoga. Who knows what hobby next month may bring...

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