Monday, February 28, 2011

Running & Training

It's been a while since my last post, and its because I've been having trouble pulling myself out of this "senioritis" slump. I don't seem to care about anything, I have no goals, and even little "bumps in the road" seem to get me super down.

So today, while totally wasting time (instead of being productive), I came across my friend Tiara's recently-started blog. She has been logging what days/ when she runs, how many miles and her mile-split times. This seemed like an awesome way to keep yourself accountable and keep track of progress. I know personally, my mile times/ distances can vary hugely with how I am feeling that day, so this method might actually help me regulate it.

So here are my goals/ schedule for this week:

: Hatha Yoga- Rec center- 6:45 AM. (this did not happen due to being in the deepest sleep ever, but I plan on trying again on Wednesday)

Tuesday: Yoga @ 7:30 am. Running at 8pm. (3 miles at an 8:45 pace)

Wednesday: Hatha Yoga... take 2!- 6:45 am.

Thursday: Yoga- 7:30am. Running at 3:45pm. (30 min @ 8:45 pace)

Friday: Yoga (60 min) & biking (60 min)

Saturday- Break

Sunday- Long run

I'll keep you posted about my progress... but really just to keep me accountable!

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