Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Must have been the altitude

I am back from spring break and I am feeling refreshed, rested and trapped. You may be wondering how those three words fit together... refreshed and rested (makes sense), but trapped? Well, let me explain.

I spent the second half of my spring break in Boulder, CO, visiting my friend Christie. It wasn't only that I had no responsibilities and had the whole day to do what I like, but being there just made be feel free. With the mountains just a short bike ride away, endless paths and bike trails, and 75 degrees in March, Boulder is an amazing place to live. The scenery just cries out for you to explore it, and the residents are laid back and respect the environment. The kids at the business school don't worry about wearing 'business casual' everyday, and almost everyone rides a bike to class. Boulder has a small-town feel with an abundance of local small-businesses.

Overall, I think it was the relaxed pace and the easy-going demeanor of the city that reeled me in the most. People could be seen everyday (even during the week), out enjoying the weather and making the most of the awesome place they call home. Fitness isn't a second thought, but rather a way of life; this is the kind of place I would like to live.

I contrast that with, the hustling and bustling metropolis of the Minne-apple, and I yearn to go back out west. Don't get me wrong, I love Minneapolis. It is my home, and has been for 4 years, my friends live here, my job will be here, and family is only a hop-skip-and a jump away. But something about being out west, next to the majesty and awe-inspiring mountains, with outdoor adventures at your finger-tips has changed what I want out of life.

I guess I can't really place what it is, exactly. All I know is, that ever since I was a little girl and we took our first family vacation out west, a little part of me has always wanted to go back and make it my home.


  1. Give it a shot! You only have one life to live Shannon, and the last thing you want in life is to be 40, and look back at your past 20 years and say, "Why didn't I ever do...?"

    I understand you'll have a job in Minneapolis, but I'm sure you'll be able to find a job in Colorado as well. You'll be living somewhere you want, and love, doing something you enjoy. The mental health benefits of that are very powerful. If you don't like it, come back after a year and revisit Minneapolis with fresh eyes.

    What do you have to lose? A little money? Some time?

    What could you gain?

  2. Well, I've already made a commitment; So I'm going to give it time and see what I think in a year. What's a year, right? Time is still on my side, and I can get some good experience before I take off anywhere... But I'm not letting my dreams go. For now, I will just have to envy your gusto (not said witha spanish accento)