Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Back in New Berlin

Hey everyone! I am finally home in New Berlin, WI... woohoo! It's not as exciting as it sounds! I find that the only times I get moody and frustrated are when I am bored, or I don't have anything productive to do (because literally none of my friends are home for the summer this year so I depend on my family for entertainment).

I freaked out on my dad yesterday because I felt isolated, and for some reason I thought that having my texting back would fix that... it didn't. Instead it just made me more angry when ppl didnt text me back! GRRRR.

So instead I decided to go get a gym membership to start working on a little problem I like to call, "Being flabby." After spending 2 hours at the gym I definitely felt a lot better. Though, I am not sure that it will solve my problem forever... I mean honestly, can I spend the whole day at the gym?

So today I am outside working in the yard in 90 degree weather picking weeds and re-doing the s. side planter of the house... hoping to get paid for my labors. Later tonight there is a Brewers game that I am kind of excited for, but mainly I just miss human interaction with my peers. WHERE IS EVERYONE?!

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