Sunday, June 14, 2009

Just what I needed

Traveling with Jason and Lynn for so long has definitely helped me re-center myself! I am back in Madrid and on my own again and I am loving it!.I not only feel a lot more confident, and out-going again, but I am loving being back in a country where I can speak the language! Who ever would have thought that I would grow to feel so comfortable with Spanish?! Long story short, loving life right now.

Plan for next couple of days:
-See as much of my boy friend as I can before I come home.
-Work out every day so I won´t hate myself as much when Jason and I start trainng together.
-Go to Toledo with Hamid on Tuesday to collect my stuff.
-Fly home on Wednesday!!
-Drive to MN on Thursday to help gparents move and to see all of my friends!
-Get back into the real world (aka get a job!)

Love and miss you all! Thanks for all of the support over the last 6 months! Some if its been hard and you guys have really helped! Tons of LOVE!


  1. Glad you are back in Spain, safe and almost home. The summer is almost here (80 yesterday) as it has been cold forever. Time will go very fast once you return and before you know it, you are back working at U of M in your text books. But first we party at the wedding.

  2. ahhh! I best be seeing you soon!!!!