Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Innocence and Imagination

One of the full-time workers had brought her daughter to work with her today (a half-day), and while I was sitting at the desk, I got to witness the magical and engaging spirit of innocence and imagination that only children can have. They sat in the coffee shop for 15 minutes as this little girl invented and acted out a story of her own making. She started to draw a crowd, as women gathered round to watch this child's imagination become a reality.

As her story ended and the crowd dispersed her mom said, "Time to go."

The little girl replied with a question, "Where? Where are we going?"

To that her mother replied, "To the magical forest in the parking garage. Do you want to go on an adventure?"

And the little girl excitedly replies, "Yes! Yes! I want to go! Follow ME!" as she marched towards the door.

And the mother said, "Wait for me. Do you want to take the magic staircase or the magic elevator?"

Decidedly, she answers, "The magic staircase!" And they walk away...

This made my day, and reminded me of a simpler time when everything in life was an adventure, and even the simplest things were magical and came to life. I hope one day I will get to experience this again through the eyes of a child.

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