Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Graduate

That's me! I was not referencing the 1967 film... but that I have just [officially] completed my undergraduate career at the University of Minnesota! How does it feel to be a college grad? Not much different, actually. Besides that fact that I am making a budget, putting the insurance in my name, going over benefits options with my dad, and getting ready to be completely [fiscally] independent...

But really, not much has changed [yet]. I am still the same me, with the same quirks and silly personality... Which according to our speaker at the graduation ceremony (Chris Sacca), it is important to keep a sense of authenticity, keep on being your authentic, weird self. I thought his message was SO important, especially as a Carlson School of Management graduate. We are often lulled into believing that corporate, clone, money worshiping is the only way to go. And Chris did a great job dispelling those ideals. Happiness. This is the goal. And Happiness does not equal money. Money comes and goes, but its the relationships, the people, the love for what you are doing, the unique weirdness, your personality, that makes everything you do worth it.

So what do I want? I want to not lose sight of my personal goals in the midst and shuffle of transitioning to my adult life. So,it's time to get down to business. Goals and dreams are never achieved unless they are written down, and unless you are held accountable. SO, here goes the rest of my week's health/ fitness goals:

Tuesday: Ran 3 miles (it was 10pm and I was scared about running alone!)
Wednesday: Ran 4 miles and did abs
Thursday: Ran Quick 2.5 mile run before driving home to NB
Friday: Hills work-out (7 laps at Valley View) & 25 mile bike ride downtown Milwaukee (by lake)
Saturday: Ran 2.5 miles (had to get the house ready for family to come over!)
Sunday: Ran 3 miles before church.
Monday: Ran 3 miles and did Zumba
Tuesday: Day of Rest
Wednesday: Pilates and Core

I'll check back in periodically to update the actual results with the prescribed goals.

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