Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sometimes you just want to be taken care of...

No one likes being sick, but getting sick in another country is the worst! You can never find the medicine you're used to taking, and you just want to be in a familiar, comfortable environment. Mom, where are you?! Chicken noodle soup, hugs and kisses,tucking me in and a heating pad please!


  1. Hey Shan, I feel your pain. It is no fun to be alone sometimes. All I can say is be strong, slow down, get your rest and know that things will be better. Please take care of your self, the hugs will be coming soon!

  2. Feel better, baby. Rest, rest, rest...then carnaval! You've always needed your sleep, and I believe yours is a tad inconsistent right now. Mom's sending great big long distance hugs. Can you feel them?

  3. feed a cold/starve a fever; is an old axiom that really does still apply. It really sucks to get sick in Foreign domain. Montezuma grabbed his revenge on me back in 87 and I've really never been the same since!! That's the main reason, I never plan to travel outside the US/Canada or
    Carribean again. Dad says its no fun to be alone sometimes, I know something about that, like 85% of the time. I'll say a few prayers for you.
    Love, the tiny black sheep