Thursday, February 12, 2009

Where is Captain Planet when you need him?

A couple of days ago (let's say Tuesday) was a day of firsts. I felt like I was punched in the stomach, slapped up-side the head, and glowing crimson with embarrassment... I was scolded again by my mom. This time, however, it was not for forgetting to call and let her know I wouldn't be home for lunch, but it was about taking a long shower...

Back home in the states, showers are my prized luxuries. I look forward to at least a 15 minute scalding hot shower ever day (especially after all of the cold ones I took this summer) if not longer when my muscles are sore. Here in Spain, that is a luxury that no one can afford to have. Simply, there just isn't enough water. You'd think that being surrounded by water on three sides, and being famous for beach destinations this country would have plenty of viable water. The fact is, they don't. The majority of this country is almost desert like. Most if the land isn't fertile enough for crops, and the land that is owes its vitality to irrigation from the only river big enough to spare water, the Tajo. Most of the rivers aren't big enough, or deep enough to act as waterways, or even irrigation systems. Quite frankly, my mom said the water table is low this week and we have to watch what we use, maybe shower only every-other day, and take 5-10 minute showers and not wait for the water to warm up. Never before in my life have I had to worry about such a thing. Coming from a state right next to Lake Michigan, and going to school in the "Land of 10,000 Lakes" water just has never been an issue (unless you count the sprinkling ban in New Berlin... who cares if your lawn isn't the greenest?).

Anyways, long story short: Start paying attention to how much water you use, because others don't have the same luxuries. Also, be thankful for what you do have, because it's not always greener on the other side.


  1. How did your sore throat come out?
    Tom said you didn't get the prescription.

  2. i got an anit-inflamitory prescription. now i feel fine. i only ended up taking that for a couple of days anyways. bye i feel fit as a fiddle now!

  3. Hi Shannon!

    Never heard of Captain Planet, is he related to Underdog? (haha Unc. Steve) I am very aware that we in the US (formerly of A) are Huge waterhogs (or waterdogs if you wish) but was not familiar with the arid situation in Spain -- well that sure explains Mexico!! I say Go MN and WI (and smoke em if you got em) but in my limited opinion only Vermont and maybe Hawaii/or Alaska are greener! The thing that burns me a little bit is that the Middle East (surprise) might be the leader in desalinization plants, but I would guess we could always find enough water to give Spain a little dousing from any burns if needed (I would just suggest they don't colaborate with the Germans).

    I have all kinds of tips on how to get by with less showers, like only bathe once a week, but Grandma might hear (ahem-ahem) I meant to say I might gross myself out. I do wish you a quick hot shower at least once a week!

    Viva le France! (and some of the other comrades)

    the little black wolf.

    PS you are still my little RED riding hood so do watch out for yourself.

  4. Agreed, be thankful for what you have. Well said Shan. We forget living in the US how much we really have.

  5. Hey Shannon,
    This is Uncle Steve here, not your Grandma. I'm sure you know that I was just making some old jokes about various previous alliances in an attempt at witty humor. I've been focusing a little too much attention to the upheaval in the economic and political situation in this country, with a recession, 1st month with a new historic President, and the Dems improving their hold on Congress to a near strangle hold. I meant no offense to Mexico, any Euro, or Middle East countries. Also the other satirical reference about little Red riding hood was likely very inappropriate these days. Again, I was trying to be clever and let you know it was Uncle Steve posting. Furthermore, I have read very little of your blog since my email to you, I kind of just started at Captain Planet. I hope you will be careful.
    You are very dear to me!

  6. I knew it was you Uncle Steve! Don't worry about it! And if I was reading it... I think I would have started at captain planet too... not only is it short, but who doesnt like reading about super heroes!?