Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Texting while driving.

Is anyone guilty of ever having texted while driving? I know I'm guilty, and most ppl are. It's a skill that you acquire after months of practice... but nonetheless dangerous. There's even some places (New York) where it's illegal to even talk on your phone while driving. And this is just for normal, every-day people. For public transportation drivers, that's 100% un-heard of!! Have you ever gotten on a public bus and the driver was talking on their cell phone? NO!

Well let me tell you a story. One day I got on the bus to head to class. For some reason this driver was driving verrrry jerkily. Was he just trying to be an ass-hole? Nope. I glanced up at him and saw he had his bright-red cell phone held in his right hand, texting, while he was steering with his left, making quick jerky steps on the brake every time he glanced up briefly and saw a car. GREAT! Was I even going to make it to class today??

Another day of firsts... this one I don't want to repeat.


  1. Hey, a life lesson that maybe will help you later in life or as a Mom when you try to tell your kids years from now to be careful and they say, "I know Mom" and of course you can tell they are blowing you off.

    Yea it does happen the older you get. This is a true sign you are maturing as you enter your 20's. Hang in there, I hope you stay safe. I miss you much. TTYL

  2. OK. Your homework assignment (like you needed another one) is to research whether it's illegal in Toledo for a public transportation driver to text while driving! SCARY!! Lucky a bus is BIG! Amazing, really amazing.

  3. Not only is it dangerous, it is just as dangerous as alcohol intoxication, msybe even more -- studies have shown this. However, I don't see MAAD coming up with a MATD or MACPD offshoot. I believe that's because CPs are more addictive than alcohol and those of us who know our limit but don't like CPs are left out in the cold with the phasing out of pay phones.
    $$ :)(: