Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Saying good-bye, and hello

... It's a new dawn, It's a new day, It's a new life, for Me, and I'm feeling good...

2010 was a year devoted to a second chance with Zach-- everyone deserves a second chance-- and we had ours. It just wasn't mean to be. He will forever crop up in my mind when someone mentions the service, the navy, serving over seas, whenever I see a bumper sticker or hear a prayer said for those making the ultimate sacrifice for our country...

I have come to realize that I blamed the failure of our relationship on the distance, or the navy seals and how it changed him, or the new friends he had; I know better now. Those things just masked our real problems, our core differences and incompatibility.

With that said, I do not regret a single moment of it, I am not mad, not sad, and not longing for him to change his mind. He changed me, taught me to love; love with everything that I am, and to trust in that love. With that vulnerability came heartbreak and hurt, but I am one of the lucky few to have experienced both of those. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I now know what my heart is capable of and I want to wait for the right person to give it to, not just the next guy to come along.

With that said, in 2011, my goal is patience and trust in myself. I can be single and happy and I want to focus on proving that to myself. I want patience so I can wait for someone worthy of my heart. I have a lot to give, and I deserve the same in return. Respect myself and demand respect.

Goal number 2 of 2011 is to make fitness a priority. This coincides with goal 1 which is respecting myself... How can I be successful at that if I do not treat my body right? This is not going to be easy, but I owe it to myself to be healthy and fit. I will follow through with Insanity (no excuses).

Goal 3 is to read at least 1 book every month... and not a text book. I firmly believe that part of what makes us who we are is the books we've read. There are way too many classics and other works that can expand my horizons and make me a more well-rounded person. First step: Finish a Tale of Two Cities.

Goal 4: Be the BEST LSDP @ Polaris! I am starting my full-time job/ career in June and I want to prove to them that they chose the best candidate. I want to be successful, and give it everything I have. Nothing but the best.

Goal 5: Make time for long-distance friends. This means Maggie, Jake, Christie, Jamie, Teri etc. I have been promising for years "Oh yeah, I'll come visit you" and I never make time; and there is new excuse for that. They are important to me so I need to make them a priority in my life.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Edwsf-8F3sI --Feeling good- Michael Buble

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  1. You are a smart girl Shannon! And you are SO much more advanced than I was at your age! I smiled all the way through this post. Well, except for the heartbreak part. I'm proud of who you are girl! I'm looking forward to catching up with you soon! Love you!