Sunday, January 23, 2011

This I Believe...

One day, while working at the library, a woman returned a book that caught my eye. It was called "This I Believe" and was the compiled short stories of famous and common people simply about what they believe.

I immediately checked it out for myself, and began reading. Some of the stories struck so close to home, that I decided to buy a copy as a Christmas present for my mom. This one in particular, I think, can apply to many people and their everyday lives. Wherever you are, be there.

"Wherever you are, be there. But someone like me, who focuses on lists of the next day’s tasks and often reads a newspaper while walking outdoors, should remember also to look up at the sky and at the people around me. It is important to recognize and appreciate joy when you feel it. Every once in a while, and not just on special occasions, I’ve suddenly realized that I am truly happy right now. This is a precious experience, one to savor." -Elizabeth Deutsch Earle

It is too often that we focus on the negative aspects of our life, the things that went wrong today... and the good things are ignored. Does this seem backwards to anyone else?

So remember, savor the moment, be present, and celebrate true moments of happiness. Because I can honestly say, that right here, and right now, I am happy. And it is beautiful.

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