Wednesday, January 14, 2009

All settled into mi casa nueva

For all of you that don't speak Spanish that means "new home." Well I'm here, I've met my family, had dinner with them and spent some time with my new sisters. My mom's name is Prado, my dad's name is Jose Luis and my three sisters are Laura (22) Ester (19) and Silvia (will be 18 next week). My house has four bedrooms, a kitchen, two bathrooms, and a living room. Everything is so much smaller here, but it's enough room for me. During the week dad doesn't sleep at home (I haven't figured out why yet) so Prado and Silvia share a room, and the other two have their own. Tonight we had a very authentic dinner at around 10 pm... take out pizza! HaHa! I loved it, some of the best pizza I've ever had :) I really liked having dinner with them because it was just non-stop talking and laughing. It's almost midnight and everyone is still up even though we all have to get up at around 7:30 tomorrow.

I gave them their little gifts and they seemed to really like them (a Calendar of Milwaukee, and various body butter scents for the girls. We watched the soccer game Real Madrid against Barcelona tonight. It's nice to have some good soccer to watch! So tomorrow the girls are waking me up and I am taking the bus with Silvia into old Toledo (we are in a suburb about a 20 min bus ride from the school) so she can show me the ropes.

As for school tomorrow we have a whole day of placement testing, and signing up for classes. Only until about 1 pm when we will break for lunch and siesta!! (aka Nap time for everyone!) The entire city shuts down as everyone goes home for lunch with their families and a short nap. Everyone usually gets back around 3 and then works again to about 9. I have an orientation at 7:30 and a "Welcome" dinner at 8 at the school with all of the kids. Plenty of time to explore the city before that.

Well that's all for now, I'm hoping into bed and drifting off the sleep to the sound of my new mom and sisters talking from room to room and giggling. :) Buenas Noches.


  1. YAY im so happy you sound like you are doing well! Plus a little jealous!

    OK, really jealous! :)
    Miss you already! Keep on having a good time.


  2. Oh Shannie! Your blog is making me want to travel. How flippin exciting! It sounds like you really need to get use to lack of sleep. Boy will you love las siesta! Love your updates, oh I'll work on skype! Loves and prayers!

  3. Very cool Shan! I am so excited for you and this opportunity.

    I know you will work hard in school and enjoy all the new things. As we sit here in -20 below Zero weather, I am sure you are warmer and thinking about next weeks start of school. The language will come. Skype me anytime you need that freindly voice or even if you don't


  4. Amazing pictures, Shannon! Absolutely beautiful. Enjoy every second of your time there...explore, explore, explore!