Sunday, January 18, 2009

First two nights in review

Well, according to my last post, I was suppose to have gone out with friends two nights ago. This plan, however, was never actually carried out.

Well, I decided it would be cooler and more authentic if I went out with my sister Ester, you know, "see how the locals do it" kind of thing. We left the house around 10:40, went to pick up her friend Monica and made it to Toledo a little after 11pm. Our first stop was at a place called Dodici a club/bar and tonight, a concert hall. One of the local bands (pretty well known and well liked I guess) was playing. Also, the lead singer just happened to be the cousin of her best friend/ younger sister's boyfriend David. Yes, you heard that right, my youngest sister Silvia is dating Ester's best friend. Yikes. Anyways, the music was pretty good, couldn't understand most of it (but neither could anyone else jaja). After that was over we went to another bar (can't remember the name) where I met more of her friends. My two favorites were both named Beatriz. They had been to the U.S. last year so we had a little to talk about, and they were really patient with me because they remembered what it was like to be completely clueless. Well long story short, besides a few minutes of small talk with the "Beas" as people called them, I was lost in translation, with no one to talk to, feeling dumb and boring.

However, after a quick pep-talk from Erika, the next day (yesterday) I was ready to make it count. I didn't wake up until 1:30 pm... yes I know that's late in the U.S., but after getting home at 4 or 5 it's really not that bad. So anyways, I walked into the living room where my mom (Prado) was sitting watching a movie and she told me we were having friends over for drinks and lunch. I was thinking at like 2:30 when we usually have lunch, but what do you know, a couple minutes later a family comes over all dressed up and I am still in my pajamas, hair in a pony tail, face not washed (luckily I had brushed my teeth) and I now had to hug and kiss these people I just met (which means close proximity, which means I probably smelled). A quick change and Bam we were sitting down eating Paella!!! It's a rice dish with tons and TONS of seafood! Love it!

After lunch I walked down to the end of the block (where two girls from the U live) and Nicole's mom, Isa, drove us to the mall (where I found some great buys! Everything is en rebaja). When we got home my mom made me some very authentic hotdogs and scrambled eggs for dinner (which I didn't mind). Later, I met up with Nicole and Ben (other kids that live in my neighborhood) and we went to a local neighborhood bar/club called La Luna. There weren't many people there, and those that were, were old. However, the drinks were CHEAP! I guess the bartender thought Nicole and I were pretty because he charged us 3 Euros (pronounced Ey-Oo-Roes) for two drinks and charged Ben 10 Euros for three :) We came home early, around 3, and called it a night. Today Prado has prepared an authentic lunch, later I'm going for a run in old Toledo, and stopping at school to talk to a teacher. And tomorrow... CLASSES START!! Until then, hasta luego!

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