Friday, January 16, 2009

Mi despertador no sonó!!

Translation: My alarm clock didn't go off!! That's right, day two and I didn't make it to school today. But let me tell you the story first. Last night they told us we should arrive at the school at 10 am for a guided tour of the city. So I went home that night set my alarm for 8:40 so I could catch the 9:15 bus. Well I woke up an hour before my alarm was suppose to go off, but realizing the time I went back to sleep. The next time I woke up it was 10:35 am... what happened?! In a panic I check my alarm and sure enough it was set for 8:40 pm... I'm SUCH AND IDIOT! In a panic I weight my options. Rush over to the school where I know they would be gone already... or take my time, eat lunch, and plan it to get there around the time they should be getting back to the school. Well I decided to do just that. After a leisurely morning I got off the bus and who was right in front of me? A tour group! What luck!

Well this was just perfect because I had planned to buy a cell phone with my friends after the tour anyways. So we did just that and I stopped to buy some other much needed toiletries. After that we headed home for lunch and siesta. Lunch was rice, grilled ham, and bread today and prepared by mi hermana Ester (who is 19). It was delicious! I wasn't tired after just having woken up so I checked email and looked up words in Spanish before I headed out for a run with a neighbor, Nicole, around 5pm. It was kinda annoying getting cat-calls every two feet... so we didn't run for very long, that and she didn't bring her running shoes and was running in her brown day shoes. :)

As for the rest of the day I've been home alone. And to fill the time? Skype with my mom and dad (everyone should get it so I can talk to you guys... it's FREE!), and I've updated the blog with pictures, and facebook with even more pictures. Feel free to check out either one. Later dinner will be around 10, I'm going with some girls to meet at school and go out to the bars around 11 and then the clubs around 1. So for right now I have a date with my razor, and after that, a date with my bed! Catch ya on the flip side! Hasta luego!

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