Sunday, January 18, 2009

A little on Spanish Cuisine

Hey guys! I just realized (after an amazing authentic lunch) that I haven't said much about the food here and that's always one of the biggest parts of any culture! So here's a little blip (and I promise to try and make it short!).

First: Cocido madrileÑo. This one is typical near and around Madrid when it's cold out. This is served in three parts: soup (sopa), meat (carne), and legumes (garbanzos). The soup is plain broth with thin and short noodles. The beans are sometimes put in the soup. The beans are usually made with other vegetables and it all varies by the preferences of the person making it. Prado made it with potatoes and carrots. The last part is meat. Prado cooked chicken and ham! Yum! Every meal is served with bread, but the longer french bread kind that is made fresh for every meal.

Second: Gazpacho. This is literally bread and cold tomato soup. Very popular in the hot summer months.

The last one is paella. Which I already mentioned, so I will just add a picture for your viewing pleasure.

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  1. Hi Shannon,
    The food looks absolutely healthy!! Enjoy!